Day 17 dose 3

Had a decent day today but definitely didn't feel as energetic as yesterday. Saying that I cooked an egg! And I scrambled it into my lunch. Was all very yummy but that might be why I got sleepy later. Only had nausea for about half an hour and no headache. So that was interesting. Had 75g of protein for my lunch but once I ate the carbs I definitely became worse in terms of functioning.

Due to my previous experience with very low carb I'm really in two minds about it. But what I think I'll do is continue with it for breakfast and lunch and leave the carbs in for dinner. As I think the carb content in the evening can make sleep easier.

No excercise today as once I ate lunch the energy levels just dropped off.

Update: one thing I forgot to add is that my sore throat is actually a lot better and seems to have disappeared again after the flare the other night. Turned out myself and my gf both slept badly and we think something we are may have made us feels tad sick briefly. So that may just have been a blip. Although not looking forward to getting my vaccine in 2 weeks. Suspecting that will set me off.


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