Day 17 - Dose 1

So thismorning I felt quite tired as I said and an hour after dosing my dizziness and muscle fatigue was present and not great.

It's 11am now and the effect of removing all carbohydrate from my breakfast hit me about 10am I think. Initially I became very hungry and felt worse, but then I drank a load of water and my body must have switched to the 35g of protein I gave it instead and started using this as I felt a cellular change (drop in ROS/ammonia? it didn't feel like it was occurring in my muscles but in the tissues of my body so maybe ROS). Anyway long story short it's 11am now and I am feeling pretty good, reasonably energetic.

The primary reason I decided to do this this morning was a little experiment to see if I could reduce the swelling in my neck and primarily in the cranial cervical junction (which is where it's at it's worst). I would say the cranial cervical junction feels less inflamed but there's still some stretched skin at the back there where the occipital swelling probably is.

I'll see how I get on today, will be eating a normal amount of carbs for lunch, just trying to get my carbs down to about 80g, as today it was more like 110g. I think 80 to 100 for me is plenty and it's not contradicted for this protocol, I don't think Josh has ever suggested doing a keto diet for example.

Going to mix an egg into my lunch and see if that is tolerated...I highly doubt it, but be interesting to see anyway!


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