Day 16 - Dose 2

Feeling a lot more energised lately and definitely a lot less inflammation right at the back of my skull where it joins my spine. But also feel a little hyper and have loads of energy, which is only sustainable I expect if I can continue to get 9 hours sleep every night. It seems overnight that my body recovers from the previous days exertion but only if I get this solid 9 to 10 hours with plenty of REM sleep. Whereas when I took the thiamine I wasn't having to deal with any of that, but other parts of my body seemingly were under nourished which in Josh's disease model is very problematic.

Overall though yesterday and today I've stormed through my full time job and feel like I've got bags of mental energy. But as I say if I can't get solid sleep very night then this is all pointless because the body needs that time to perform all it's healing and recycling duties (in my opinion - a few studies do actually back this up).

I am now back on the full protocol, had some nausea and a low temperature after I added the oat rban back in today, I am now taking:
  • b complex thorne
  • wells pharmacy green tea extract egcg 75mg 3x a day
  • glycine half a teaspoon to a teaspoon 3x a day
  • NAC 600mg 3x a day
  • panthothenic acid 100mg 3x a day

  • R-ALA 250mg 3x a day
  • Reishi extract 980mg 3x a day
  • Lions mane ultra 980mg 3x a day

  • oat bran 15g 3x a day

  • choline 30mg 3x a day

  • probiotic once a day AM
  • vitamin E 400IU AM
Remains to be seen if I can continue taking the b complex without huge difficulty sleeping, although I may have to start doing graded exercise soon, maybe today, to get the immune system working. Suspect this will probably make dizziness worse, but I feel like it's definitely safe to try this.

Dietary changes have also happened primarily to try and reduce ROS: (the below is not a full day but it's roughly right):


Update: Feeling very good today, I've cycled for a minute and a half, managed to do the hoovering (top of the house only) and cleaned the shower door. So not bad really! Be interesting to see how much fatigue I have in the morning from this.
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PS started graded exercise today too, I did 1 minute of cycling on a free standing resistance bike. Not exactly expecting miracles, so be interesting to see how much fatigue I have tomorrow.

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