Day 14 - Dose 1

So as I said the last few days I added the egcg back in again using the old brand I first bought as this appeared to be tolerable. However I suffered from PEM again last night at the 25mg egcg dose, so obviously this does didn't block PEM. Therefore I raised it to 75mg EGCG so I can try again at that higher dose. For the time being I've completely removed the oat bran, will re-add at a later date if things settle down.

Yesterday I had no nausea at all at the 25mg EGCG dose using the Wells Pharmacy green tea brand. So I know that was tolerable, but as the protocol relies on green tea it's a bit pointless doing it without that bit working.

I think I may be one of those edge cases however that needs a GDH substitute as my body just seems to reject green tea at higher doses and higher doses appear to be important or they won't block PEM.

I went to 75mg this morning and took it first away from everything else and experienced nausea, a feeling of blood draining from my extremities (similar to the symptoms of gastroenteritis), coldness (body temp lowering), sickness and subsequently brain fog due to the nausea and that feeling like blood is draining from certain parts of my body (heading toward the stomach??). I've also noticed the blood drains from my face at this higher dose, it's almost like my body converts all it's energy to "I want you to get this out of me right now!" mode.

Anyway the more time goes on, the more I feel like the primary benefit of this protocol GDH Inhibition is lost on me because I can't tolerate the EGCG. I've googled other inhibitors and found one or two but not that many.

Other people seem to be doing well on the protocol and tolerating the egcg just fine, so I am really rather upset it's not working for me, my family do have pretty bad allergies though and lots of auto immune diseases around the joints bowels and the like so it's probably not very surprising that I can't tolerate it in the therapeutic dose. Thankfully Josh has said in some of his posts that a colleague of his has worked up a list of alternatives. I think I will continue taking the egcg dose I can tolerate until this list is published and then swap to another substance and get up to the therapeutic dose and try again. I still think there are gains to be made from the rest of the protocol and changes if I'm honest, but without blocking PEM and in josh's eyes allowing the body to repair collagen etc, the cycle of damage just continues.
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