Day 13

Haven't taken the reishi or lion's mane yet. Feeling very sick. I've also got a temperature. Just sincerely praying this isn't a bloody bacterial infection as my body cannot get rid of them!!

Funnily enough my ME symptoms don't seem to be quite as bad currently. That or my lactate levels are just really low? But i don't feel like my lactate levels are worse after exertion. Even so my exertional envelope is very low and as I say my sleep is very disturbed currently. I basically feel like my bodies gone into overdrive fighting an infection. Hence the worry it's bacterial.

update at 1pm:
Well just about to take my main dose and I feel a lot better than I did after half the dose thismorning. I took glycine nac and panthothenic acid mixed with yoghurt this morning only. Had to go out as I said so ende dup walking round the local shopping centre for about 40 minutes. But amazingly my lactate acid levels never spiked, I only took 200mg of thiamine so there's no way the thiamine was causing this. Even now as I sit at my laptop it's a lot better than it was.

Just had lunch, feeling a lot less nauseous now, maybe my liver is maxed out and just couldn't take anymore? I don't have any liver tenderness at all just to point out.

So for second dose I am mixing glycine with whey protein isolate, yoghurt and nac. Once I've taken that I'll see how I feel after 20 minutes and then I'll take a half dose of the lions mane and reishi extract with vitamin E and choline. Hoping the extra protein will help my body and immune system overall. But the lack of calm in my body is bothering me as a general aside, it feels too over stimulated.

I do wonder if the exercise I had thismorning has caused my lymphatics system to move and that's why I feel a little better than I had been feeling. I remember Dr Perrin saying that the lymphatics system does get clogged up (in mild patients) and I think even with this protocol light exercise is important to keep everything moving.
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