Day 13 - Dose 3

Nausea seems to be all but gone now. But did seem to be worse after the reishi/lions mane, so it would make more sense that the egcg must have been more potent in the life extension form and when combined together it promoted a bolder immune response which ultimately just made us feel so nauseous that we threw up. Although it took 2 hours for the egcg to create that.

Anyway I am doing pretty well today compared with Friday, but I did skip my morning dose. The whey protein isolate has gone down ok and that will be a massive help if I can incorporate that. I managed to find some light fluffy whey isolate that smells a bit like vanilla from a uk bulk food place, it's really easy to mix. Last time I got isolate it was a fine white powder that didn't mix very well, I think I bought it from Just goes to show how one brand can be god awful compared to another :/

Hoping the immune response calms down now (the nausea at least) and hoping that once my body eventually catches up taking a dose of reishi, egcg (old brand Wells Pharmacy) and lions mane with the oat bran, won't cause any kind of disruptive side effects as I still have to be able to work and Friday was a write off.

All in all it's very up and down it seems like every other day I feel rough as anything, hoping these symptoms begin to reduce and I can start to improve. Thismorning when I went to get my new glasses, I walked around the shopping centre for about 35 minutes and had to drive 20 odd minutes there and back from my house. I didn't really have any lactate buildup in my muscles at the time nor did I get any muscle fatigue while walking or any dizziness (this was all before taking the whey isolate) - but my balance is crap I almost fell backward on the escalator at one point. So whilst ME symptoms seem better, balance and lethargic low energy as opposed to fatigue and lactate has replaced it.
As per Josh's comment it seems even small amounts of egcg can boost immune response dramatically, so that must have been why the life extension green tea extract made me feel so god awful.


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