Day 123 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

I keep forgetting to give an update of my functioning. Even though I do think I have an infection which I'm treating with ghanian quinine tincture (finally found out that if I put the drops in a gelatin capsule I can get the right dose 3x a day and it doesn't hit my teeth - which means no ulcers) to get rid of whatever is there. This seems to be improving my voice I think but need to wait and see, the voice box hasn't been right for a long time so it's an easy symptom to check for and see if it improves.

I also got my HTMA back and I appear to be binding mercury, lead and arsenic inc uranium, which is a bit worrying, but mercury is the only metal coming out of me at high levels. I recently had 2 mercury amalgams removed, but I know from many forum posts this doesn't necessarily help people to get better.

My current level of functioning is 80% on the hummingbird scale. I've only crashed once in the last 4 to 6 weeks, it lasted about 2-3 days. The dizziness I had been experiencing mysteriously went away a week or two ago. No idea why, if it's not wbc returning to normal, I don't know what it is.

I intend to get a urine analysis when I can to detect the amount of heavy metals being excreted on Josh's protocol.
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