Day 122 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

I've amended my b vitamins. If I take 80mg egcg twice a day the muscular and back issues from lack of b12 aren't too bad and I don't energy crash when not taking it, which is good.

I'm now taking
  • B2 50mg
  • No b3 due to depression side effects
  • B5 20mg
  • B1 100mg
  • Molybdenum 200uq
  • No biotin, no folate
My neck is fine with this combo and I haven't had any further issues with it.

In addition I started taking lauricidin on Sunday to deal with brain fog. My brain fog and concentration are much better already, but my physical output has gone down a lot. I am not really sure what's going on here on the relationship. But my mood has improved and I'm less depressed, sex drive is better too. Of course I am not taking any b12 so it may be a confounding factor.

But currently doing Lauricidin and crytolepis in combo, to deal with what i think is a bacterial infection. My neutrophil count was 1.6 at the start of August and 1.5 is a the first danger point. I am getting new tests in a week, to see if my neutrophils are recovering.

Even so I've had a huge herx on the lauricidin and cryptolepis. I think that's because it's killing good and bad bacteria, hence why my physical fatigue is worse, however the same would occur with anti biotics let's be honest. Hopefully 2 weeks of this and then a much smaller maintenance dose will see me right. Fingers crossed my feeling better continues as I have been extremely depressed without any motivation for over 3 weeks.
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