Day 120 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

It's been awhile since I posted. As I have been experimenting and trying to figure out various things. But primarily focusing on b vitamin's.

Firstly I switched from Thorne multi to b12 oils and individual b vitamin's.

Then I experimented with niacin to stop insomnia from over methylation. Which worked.

But then I started to get depressed. This was about a week or two ago and hasn't yet lifted.

So then I started some 5-htp which seemed to help take the edge off.

Noticed I could tolerate much longer walks with the new b12 oils. Ado and methyl Vs methyl only. Up from 30 minute walks to 1 hour. 1 hour was my absolute limit though and brought on a temperature after exertion combined with mild night sweats.

But since I started b12 my sex drive and mood have been depressed anyway for ages. Normally I'm actually quite happy unless I'm in a crash. Ive also been having difficulty understanding complex software architecture at work - while everyone struggles people have the ability to get by or figure it out. Whereas I'm just noticing my brain has slowed down and I'm not as sharp. Which means I'm struggling to do my job long story short.

I haven't fully figured out how to fix this. But the first few times I took out the b vitamin's my sex drive returned, mood improved hugely and I was able to sleep properly and I think my brain fog improved.

So the first thing I did was remove the b12 and folate. That stopped the insomnia but it did make me tired. So I added 120/120mg egcg back in so that my body can surpress the herpes viral load better and give me a little energy boost.

Yesterday I took 200mg magnesium citrate in drinking water. This seemed to block PEM as I went for a 45 minute walk and didn't feel 100% at the end but I did a lot yesterday and woke up feeling just a bit stiff/weak today but no muscle fatigue.

Today I'm going to take out the b vitamin's as well and I'm sort of hoping that improves my brain fog as I really need my brain sharp and my memory decent for work.

It is possible I'm just very tired. I won't get me blood test results for my low WBC for another 2 weeks due to the UK national test tube shortage.

My only other theory is that my thyroid might be out. So I'm taking iodine for that as well currently

Also recently Josh has asked me to get my electrolytes in order so I'm doing the following:

Sodium 2g a day from food
Potassium 1.3g from food to increase to 3g
Magnesium 650mg 50% from food
Calcium 600mg will increase to 1g

Im pretty convinced that the extra magnesium which is spaced out throughout the entire day and the extra potassium introduced this week has stopped my body feeling as weak and crashing as much.

Saying all that I crashed on Thursday night for the first time in ages and it was pretty bad. It lasted about 2 to 3 days but my oxidative stress levels went through the roof.


Update from Josh

Josh is focussing quite heavily on electrolytes and other pathogens that could be causing bh4 to be heavily reduced in ME patients. As this causes dopamine to down regulate which is meant to be primarily responsible potentially for almost all our symptoms.

We think the reason my ME has improved so dramatically is probably because I've been able to get the dopamine levels to a healthier level. I do feel much much better when I go for walks. I do not have the dizziness I had a few weeks ago. Potassium? Magnesium? I don't know but one of them must have plugged a hole.

Ros levels are still an area of concern. I'll start lola powder this week.

He's also got a stained image of a blood sample showing biofilm and abnormal red blood cells in a severe ME patient.

The image is plain as day. You can literally see the red blood cells clumped together which they are not meant to be and biofilm everywhere. So maybe a bacterial infection. If I could do it safely I'd fly to ukrain and get the auto vaccines. I do believe I have issues with bacteria and I'd love to get rid of them.


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