Day 12

Very unpleasant day today. Felt very queasy after my first dose but pushed through. Then vomited 3 times about 11am.

After eating lunch about 12.30 I felt normal again. Didn't take my next dose until 2 but removed the r-ala and the oat bran. The glycine and nac went down without an issue no problem there. But then I took choline and egcg and that made me feel very nausous.

15 minutes later I took the reishi and lion's mane and feel really unwell again.

I think my body is rejecting the egcg/reishi/lion's mane. My tummy's become very sensitive and I just feel sick constantly. If I keep vomiting with this severe dizziness I'm gonna have to reduce my dose as I just don't seem to be able to handle it.

I tried taking probiotics a few times today in case it was a lack of bacteria. This made it worse. I haven't tried hcl tablets yet. I guess it could be a low stomach acid issue? But personally I think my body just doesn't like the tablets and wants them out.

Bit disappointing really. I've taken large quantities of traditional remedies but not for a few years. My ME is definitely worse since then. Not great anyway.


Interestingly enough a quick Google search shows lots of links to nausea for egcg

For my second dose I took glycine and nac without issue and then egcg and choline 25 mins later. The egcg and choline made me feel very nauseaus and I thought I was going to vomit again for 30 minutes. So this might be the offending item.

Even though I'm taking the lower dose I might try removing it for my evening dose and see if it's any better. Although currently I feel like throwing up again which is not good news. I would like to retain the benefits of the resihi and lion's mane on the whole.
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