Day 12 dose 3

So after having a very unpleasant day and slowly testing everything I'm taking by process of elimination first of all I took out the r-ala fairly convinced that was the issue. But that didn't help.

So this time I took out the egcg and I've got no nausea at all. I just feel dizzy and like I'm having an immune response with head pressure and a pre headache type feeling. This is 25 minutes after my third dose. I took

4g glycine
600mg nac
980mg reishi
980mg lion's mane

So tomorrow I'll leave the egcg out and the r-ala. IM pretty sure that Josh's protocol doesn't work without egcg but I was unable to work today due to vomiting and terrible nausea/shakes/cold body temp and generally unwell feeling. Which is no good.

Josh did mention he was going to find other gdh blockers so when that list comes out I can add it back in. As it happens I might be wrong but I feel like I may be making progress with all the other things. But the egcg has got to go for me.

I'll be somewhat off protocol from now on. Hopefully that's still of interest to people. I'll add the ala back in in a few days I expect. But giving my body a rest for now and want to make sure it was definitely the egcg.

I should say I changed to the life extension green tea extract two days ago. Obviously that stuff is way more potent and I've had a bad reaction to it. I could go back to the other one but if it's doing me no good in the first place not sure what the point is. As it wasn't blocking PEM anyway like it was meant to at high or low doses.

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