Day 113 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

Last night I took niacin as niacinamide 100mg before bed and slept like a baby. Did the same thing the night before. I keep going to bed a bit wired and after a chat with Caledonia she suggested I try niacin to knock down methylation. The more I've experimented the more I've realised that sometimes the extra energy or over stimulation is from the b12.

But I've tried niacinamide 3 times now and it's worked. I wasn't sure if it was my imagination to begin with.

On an unrelated note I woke up with a sore throat and blocked nose thismorning. Which is odd. This symptom has appeared once or twice over the last week weeks in the complete absence of a cold (to my knowledge). So I'm not really sure what that is all about.

I've got a meeting with my doctor on Monday to discuss blood tests.

One possible downside of the niacinamide is that I think it could be causing bad depression. But can't be sure of this to be honest.


It seems that bcaas have been shown in rats to reducer serotonin levels if taken regularly. It's not clear if this is just isolated bcaas or those found in whey protein for example. Either way it could be the cause of grumpiness and irritability. However it's vital to get enough because with ME bh4 is already very low so if protein intake is low dopamine levels are low. Creates an even more vicious cycle in terms of getting dopamine up to normal. Which is not a one step process.

Joshua's protocol works to combine lots of things. Many of which go on to increase dopamine. They should also increase serotonin but this might be blocked through another mechanism.

At any rate while I do still take whey protein isolate I don't take bcaas anymore due to making me aggressive and impatient. They also make me do far too much which is no good for baseline management.

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