Day 112 - Joshua Leisk protocol

I should point out that today I dropped the thorne b complex in favour of b12 oils and individual b vitamins combined with metafolin. So basically the same as the thorne just more bioavailable with one additional b12 vitamin type.

I used half a squirt of the b12 oil today. Took 400mg potassium with it. Felt very tired to begin with, if that's truly potassium being sucked up so that the b12 can perform healing then great! But it could just be a change in supps.

Other than that I've been depressed for half the week, particularly bad today and probably most of yesterday and thursday. Only changes this week were doubling by vitamin d to 8000IU per day, don't think that's the culprit but I am very depressed!! I need to fix this but I don't know what to do. My bloods show, normal to low testosterone, but dhea-s is fine, so it would seem dhea is fine. Cortisol also looks nice and healthy. But very high prolactin (350 with max being 330). But it seems like loads of people with ME have high prolactin after scouring the forums. So not sure how useful this information really is.

I should say I don't feel suicidal but I'm not talking much, which for me isn't normal and I feel totally uninterested in everything. Annoyingly I've got no fatigue, I did loads today!! And no fatigue or PEM and it's now 10pm. My ME seems to be going from strength to strength even with the low oat bran intake (1 tbsp) per day and the much lower egcg intake 30mg 2x per day.

Maybe I got over the main hump virally and my body is now trying to heal other areas...who knows!

But the depression, my lack of sleep over the last what....2 months? And difficulty in being able to calm down is a major factor.

So last night I slept great, but this seems to be a recurring theme on Fridays - no work stress maybe? At the same time I can't get work off my mind but I think this is due to depression if I'm honest. Even so on the new b vitamin protocol I've put together I feel like I'll sleep tonight possibly the entire way through and I feel much calmer tonight, my neck even feels clear of inflammation...which it hasn't for a few weeks because I've been going off and on the thorne b complex trying to fgure a few things out.

So it seems like I may have fixed the issues with my b vitamin problems and dosing problems, but now I've got problems with really bad depression. As I also feel a bit tearful for no good reason as well, other than I am depressed.

The entire time I have been on the protocol I've suffered from lowered sex drive and odd mood. This could well be due to 5-ar inhibitors. As the egcg dose is now tiny compared to what it originally was (I actually think I felt less depressed on a higher dose to be honest but it also made me a bit jittery) maybe it's the reishi that's causing issues as that's also a 5-ar inhibitor.
Of course it could just be that I lowered the egcg so much over time I lost it's anti depressive effects, I'll have to google it and see waht comes up!


I've figured it out. Niacinamide is causing the depression. Which by forum posts can go on for days or a week before it fully resolves. I've been taking it to stop methylation so I can sleep. Tonight I think I'll take metafolin again before bed instead and hopefully that will also calm things down. Other than that not sure what else I can try to counteract the methylation.

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