Day 11 - Dose 3

I feel very different today, didn't fall asleep at 2pm and still awake at 5pm, so much better than the last 3-4 days. The problem is I took a tiny amount of b12 transdermally - literally dabbed at it and worked it into my chest and now I haven't really had any immune activation type symptoms all day. I expected dose 2 to hit me but it didn't, just about to take dose 3 now.

I'm going to be really intrigued to see the results of this oat test in about 2-3 weeks. I really hope it trends in the right way if nothing else, because on the whole I don't feel like I've moved forward. Saying all this it's been about 6 days since I really started everything in earnest, maybe 7. Most people don't seem any effect for 2-3 weeks.

But Lerner's patients didn't see any effect for 3 months and we are fighting the same diseases. Are we saying beta glucans kill off b cell infected ebv and CMV/hhv-6 viruses? Are we saying beta glucans are just as potent as valcyte and/or valtrex? That's fantastic if so but can they really be that potent?

A quick google search shows other people have done very well with beta glucans (one guy in particular appeared to have severe CFS in america) but went back to work full time and went on to write 5 books.

I must say though if beta glucans, polysachirides and triterpenes work, it's a lot cheaper and a lot less aggressive a form of therapy than valcyte. This says nothing for the GDH blocking action of EGCG and the adjunctive aspects for supporting the bodies natural anti oxidants.

This is day 2 on the new macha green tea extract, not sure if that is really important, but I have no way of knowing because of the tiny bit of b12 I took. To be honest I know it was the b12 that made me feel so much better, as I've taken it so many times before I can tell the shift.

I ate slightly more protein for lunch today and reduced my carb intake. I feel pretty good! But spaced out like my body is lacking in sugar from the carbs. Funnily enough normally I don't feel like that on lower carbs, I normally get fatigue and have more clarity/energy. Work is still very quiet so plenty of time to get through whatever startup healing reactions I am meant to be having.

After dose 3: little update. The swelling at the back of my life had which had all but gone has come back again. I can't really tell if this is the reduction in thiamine per day from 400mg to 200mg or simply the protocol working to get rid of something in that area. It's an odd symptom. One that lots of us seem to have. But it really would be nice if those symptom went away as it's a tad worrying. At the same time this could be viral die off dumped into the lymph nodes at the back of the head and down the neck.

I can also feel my insulin regulating due to the lack of carbs I ate for dinner. Which is quite nice because I have been pretty sleepy this time of the day and wouldn't mind remedying that. Plus no muscle fatigue either so far. But dizzy due to the glucose/insulin changes.


Quick point of interest I just thought is b12 used excessively in immune responses? Turns out it's used by immune cells specifically. That might be why it gets used up if the immune system is turned up. I'll be taking b12 as of Tues/Weds when it arrives. In the meantime I'm just taking b1 and b6 primarily. b12 alone or as part of a multi vitamin always gives me insomnia and seems to build up in my system so that should be interesting.
Its 8.30 now and I feel completely different to the previous 3 days, I think my b12 must have been depleted from the immune response or simply tanked for some other reason. I actually feel a little over stimulated but that might be the drop in carbs from lunchtime. Either way I'll be taking a b complex from next week.

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