Day 108 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

This is my third day off the b complex. Huge drop in energy today, feels like energy has been pulled out of my muscles, they also feel a bit colder than usual. Dizziness got much worse last night and even worse into today. It's not the same dizziness from ME though, this is actually different, it's sort of "there" in the background.

Also on the back of the muscles feeling drained, it also feels like fatigue is gently creeping back in. While I am glad I am not having overly sensitive responses to coming off and going on things and I have not experienced any viral pain (although it seems the viral pain was prob due to the 8000mg beta glucans per day I was taking while coming off stuff. But managing sleep properly is very tricky, as is mood for that matter. If you're dead argumentative, anxious or just "off" all the time, people pick up on that and it's very hard to build rapport at work. This makes work extra difficult and it's a completely invisible problem. I don't think anyone could be all smiles with this disease, it just consumes too many resources worrying about the next month or next year of your life.

I came off the b complex to try to deal with insomnia and feeling over revved by the b complex. But I think now after chats with a few people that I better go back on it again after loading my body up with some much needed (I assume) minerals. I haven't taken any minerals apart from small amounts of molydenum for the last 3 months inc no extra zinc or iodine. Suspect these could have tanked. I've taken extra potassium but the beneficial effect (if there was one) seemed short lived and my potassium didn't appear to have tanked on the b complex if I'm honest.

I also didn't realise how much there was to learn about b vitamins! I am hoping the minerals inc biotin and iodine will replenish any stores I may have exhausted (I'll load in over a week) then go back on the b complex.

Also I noticed I get a cough when coming off the b complex AND going on the b complex...really odd!


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