Day 104 - Joshua Leisk Protocol

So this last week I've been feeling ok, but I did some more experiments.

Firstly I tried taking out the b complex, interestingly this brought back the inflammation in my neck and occipital area, nothing else did this on the protocol. So maybe b vitamins are responsible for getting rid of inflammation in the neck and cervical ligaments. Suffice to say this experiment didn't work because I ended up in tons of pain again, going on all day long, every day. Starting on Saturday, then into sunday, monday and tues/weds. I gradually went back onto the full b complex dose, after Joshua told me that freddds protocol deals with a very different pathway and it won't mix well with his protocol at all.

As I have been unable to sleep (when taking the max beta glucan intake 2200mg 3x a day) and able to sleep extremely well but felt extremely tired all day (when not taking the oat bran which is about 2000mg 3x a day removed) Josh thinks this is due to a mineral defiency possibly. Like copper, magnesium, iron or a trace mineral. My mag is fine, I've also been taking it for 3 months. Copper might not be, my iron in my blood tests came back a ok too, as did my ferritin. So trace minerals and copper I will try + extra mag.

I've increased my vitamin d to 8000IU per day.

So when I removed the oat bran I was able to sleep pretty well the first night and extrmeely well the second. But my the third day I had become really very tired in the day and felt a little weak as well (not in the muscles but in general).

I've also been concerned about my low white blood cell count and low neutrophil count. I am asking my GP if they can repeat these whole bloods and check my vitamin d to see if the 8000IU is working. Hopefully without the oat bran things will normalise a little bit! I worry that I could do damage if I go too hard and too fast, even though as you may already know from my blog, I've done nothing but go super slowly actually with almost everything.

I also noticed when I removed teh b complex, my head felt much clearer, my sex drive returned to normal and I was much happier and far less grumpy. Sadly removing the b complex doesn't seem like an option as it seems to cure my neck and cranial cervical issues, but it's a real shame about the effect it has on my mood, also the dizzy/not clear headedness is a real pain too. I might try adding more folate next month, just as a little test to see if I suddenly feel better. Other than that I am not really sure waht to do.

I've also been convinced to try a HTMA, even though I was pretty set on these things being useless, it will be dead interesting however to compare the new HTMA to the one I got in 2018 when I made most of my changes.

That's it from me for now, I feel like I have more or less recovered from the vaccine but the protocol just means a new baseline, which is a bit all over the place if you take anything out. Bottom line is I don't know why my neutrophils and monocytes are so low and it's really bothering me as I felt like I was making amazing progress...albeit slowly.

I am still attempting to get my IMD tests, looks like that will happen pretty soon fingers crossed.
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