Day 10 - Dose 2

I feel really good today, I woke up feeling brighter - that's the only way I can really describe it. Maybe it's because I slept properly for the first time in months? Even though I took melatonin and 5-htp I don't think that is what made me feel good after waking up. I did wake up very tired I should make that clear, but didn't have any fatigue. After my first dose I also picked up a little, not hyper just felt like my body needed that dose.

My green tea from LFE arrived today, so I've just weighed out the new 25mg egcg dose. Maths is not my strong suit, I feel like the calculation isn't quite right vs my old egcg supplement, as there almost the same weight. Ok I checked the maths, the old brand was 100mg weighed for 25mg egcg, this one is 55mg weighed for 25mg egcg.

I took the egcg in isolation just now, interested to see what my body feels like after, but not expecting much.

Suspect I'll feel pretty good until the evening when I expect I'll be pretty shattered again. So glad I have a supportive partner at these times, means the world to me that she gets the illness and knows I could do stuff but if I did I wouldn't be able to function (in my current state) the day after. The immune response is still very strong I should make that clear, I really don't feel like doing much at all, work isn't very demanding so I can get away with doing the bare minimum. I used to be a very hard worker, who actually did most of the work in the team, now I fill up the background and just try to do as little as possible. At least while this protocol is ongoing.

Also looked into the whey protein from yesterday, but not sure if I am ready to put that in my body yet....I just really want to get more protein into my system as it helps a lot with so many bodily functions.


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