Day 1 CFS herpes veridai protocol

Quick note: I've had ME for 5 years, I've tried Valtrex, Oxymatrine, Perrin Technique, Stephen Buhner's lyme disease protocol and a few other things primarily supps etc. I've been able to gain significant improvement in the past but never been able to maintain it. I had some fairly large gains in exertional tolerance and amelioration of symptoms with andrographis paniculata. But due to the fact this causes dental problems as it dries the mouth out I can't take it any longer.

I got diagnosed in the UK after two bouts of PVFS in my twenties, culminating in ME at 29 diagnosed by my GP and then a consultant Neurologist on the NHS. Have subsequently seen a few nutritionists but have yet to see an ME specialist doctor.

Prior to start this protocol I took high dose thiamine which had remarkable improvements on swelling and nick stiffness. In fact the neck stiffness has gone, only milder swelling remains in the neck and spine, back etc. I also titrated up cysteiene and glycine from 100mg to 400mg over 2 weeks as I had horrible detox effects. Now I am taking cysteiene 4x a day on Josh's protocol with minimal detox effects. So readers should be aware that I was essentially doing some metabolic clear down before I started the protocol, which might simply mean that my symptoms while on it are not as aggressively bad as they could be.


I took 3 doses today not 4 as I wanted to load in. However I'll be taking those doses for 4 days. I have contacted Joshua to clarify I'm doing be protocol right. But based on past conversations I believe I am! Hope so anyway.

So after each benzoate panththenic acid glycine and cystiene dosing I did feel energised for a bit. I thought tonight that I might be feeling more clear headed but it's really too early to tell. This part of the protocol isn't meant to make you feel tons better straight away. In fact your meant to feel pretty rough. So as I don't feel that much worse or better I'm not really sure if that's good or bad.

However I've been taking thiamine glycine and cystiene for about 2 weeks and I had been taking inosine on and off too. With lauricidin. All of base immune modulators and supplements would have helped my immune system to function and do its job. I think I've I had started the protocol straight away at full dosing I would have felt horrendous.

Josh does recommend taking it slowly and I know from my Lyme research years ago that anti biotics taken at primary dose can cause some horrid symptoms. Or even land the person in emergency care. So slowly does it I think works wonders with ME.

Saying all this I think if someone was severe this protocol would be ugly and they might need a carers help to even perform it. Plus there's the water and dietary considerations.

I'll report back tomorrow. Today I took x3:

800mg benzoate
100mg panthothenic acid
800mg glycine
500mg cystiene

Edit: As it turns out I was mean to take everything on Day 1 inc the benzoate and then stop the benzoate once headaches subside which is normally around day 4.


I've used my pill maker to encapsulate everything apart from the oat bran. Which makes life infinitely easier =)

I'm working up to the higher benzoate dose, currently at the minimum values but I should be going higher. Feeling very spaced out currently after the first full protocol day 2 dose.
My general advice for anyone following along is that from our experiences, reishi and beta-glucans should normally invoke a strong immune response within the first week. If someone is confirmed HHV-positive and not weakly cursing my name from their sickbed by day 7, they may have an unsuitable reishi product (which doesn’t have the required high triterpene content). LEF reishi complex has quantified triterpenes. I’ll copy this comment to @Reading_Steiner’s blog for clarification, also.

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