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A brief intro to me, im 21, live near Sydney in Australia, diagnosed with CFS in 2011 after a trip to Indonesia caught parasites, seemed to get rid of them then 3 months later a massive crash I got moderate CFS which I thought was extreme, got over that in about 2 years to about 75% hich I carried on with life then had 2 more trips to Indonesia, was going well until 3 months ago after my fourth trip to Indonesia 3 months after the trip once again mega crash and 3 months later now still in that crash very severe, was completely beridden but now basically housebound, im on a diet called the real food diet for 1 month now that seems to have picked up my energy levels, im on vitamin C 3g, zinc, 100mg, multi, and fish oil, was on methylb12 for the past week but seemed to be overstimulating my brain and making brain fog worse, which apparently ive read is supposed to be detox but I dunno, anyway off b12 for today, I feel way more relaxed and calmer, I seem to be getting better and more alert in all aspects, I wont say my symptoms because way to many, but basically in this crash I have experienced almost every single symptom on the CFS master list at some point, its weird they keep changing all the tome the only thing that is consistant is brain fog, and special disorientation which really freks me out the most, had massive panic attacks but using the amygdala retraining program, bit hard to think while writing this so this is the best I can do for now, im still freaked out because ive lost so much muscle and bone mass, my ass is basically non-exitant anymore, and my hips stick out and still losing, even tho im excercising now, any support would be much apprieciated, and any advice about exercise rebuilding programs for muscles and bones, hope to hear from you all soon, btw done so much research and stuff and been reading all your posts, been through suicidal stages and everything, and to all you out there who think there is no hope, trust me there is hope and you will make it, i've been to the bottom of hell (metaphorically), im thinking I might have parasites as I have IBS but no docs will give me parasite pills even tho ive been overseas, I think maybe the parasites could be also attributing to my muscle atrophy? any advice anyone, I tried the candida diet for one day, nearly died, in that day I lost 2kg. any advice much appreciated. anyway that's me :D


" im thinking I might have parasites as I have IBS but no docs will give me parasite pills even tho ive been overseas"

Typical australian doctors. The best advice I could give you is to get yourself to a good ME/CFS specialist who would be willing to do a heap more tests etc
I reckon that's bullshyte that you are having trouble getting anti parasite treatment given you have been to indonesia. Its not that risky to try a course. I'd push for a parasite test or see a new CFS type doctor. Maybe even to help your cause you could say you also went to Borneo and did jungle treks.
Some of the ant parasite meds we get given are also in treatments for dogs that you can try if you are so inclined and desperate. They don't need a script. Do your research first, but I would really recommend you get some parasitology testing. Naturopaths have the ability to order some of these tests. If your doc is giving you a hard time, then find a good local naturopath and explain your situation so they can order a test so at least you know. If itcomes back positive shove it in the face of your doc and insist on treatment. The naturopath will probably want to give you herbs which wont do the job in a lot of cases. They didn't help me. I had parasites and never went to third world country.
Also I just want to add if you are taking high dose zinc for long time, you could well displace copper in your system, so read up a little on that.

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