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Daily doodal dandy


On Tues I was having a particular day of seeing the dark humour in the daily senanegans of life at Merryweathers over 50s complex. I thank the big man upstairs everyday (not the big man drinker Dan ) that I have been graced with my own apartment and so whatever 'drama goes on in the square (I call it Albert Square after a popular tv sitcom based in the east end of London called wait for it.. Eastenders, then I can close the door and pick up my trusted friend bose eardefenders if in the front of my house and block out said drama.
So, back to the day, as is usual drunk women Casey who lives bang opposite um maybe 30ft door to door,. was out having a party for one whilst partially 'dancing' and shouting. I said housebound person, well apartment bound but let's pretend it's a house. Assessed the situation from behind the blinds and decided nope no front door air time too risky on said mental health I'd have to do with hanging out the back window later on.
Then enter homehelp no 1 (Tuesdays). I worked out that to successfully have another pair of arms, legs and hopefully a brain in the house (apartment) I'd need to let go of any kind a friendly interaction and coldly stipulate what I needed from the off, communicated in text. Quiet low stimulas environment with little to low interaction and a speedy person who could think for themselves. So far women 1 is fitting the bill. Her tasks on Tuesday are too recieve the Asda delivery man with a wks worth of Groceries that have enough greens to turn poop to a grassy shade and enough celery to guzzle down home brew celery juice thus helping to cleanse and eliminate toxins that are rife in said system.

Back later... U know the score
Rest 😊
##Please note all names have been changed to protect anonymity, oh and having one of the angry drunk people hammering down my door.
Though I'm not sure drunk peeps will be reading a forum on chronic illness,but hey ya never know.
Today I got throughly ticked off with people's noise. Ive got the adverse and have a huge complex of making noise and peeing someone off.
Flaring today but had a bit of energy to heat dinner up, so whacked the tunes on loud (radio dance ibiza) did a little wiggle, cautious now, did some loud roaring and banged the saucepans v loudly with large, big, huge metal spoon and ended it with... A loud yaaaaaaaahhh have it...
Needless to say felt a bit better after and thought of all. My m. E sisters and brothers during the process... Roaring for us all.
Yes, the person (me with the noise making complex gave the neighbours a taste of what's called 'aversion therapy for the noise meak...

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