Current supplements and meds

Updated August 2016


2x200 Celebrex
2 Claritin
1-2 mg amytriptiline
About 10 sprays Nasalcrom
Topical methocarbomyl
Topical arnica
Topical methyl salicilate blend

A few times per year:
Topical advil
OTC Tylenol


200mg magnesium
18mg iron (I have IDA)
4mg copper (not the past couple weeks)
6mg zinc (not the past couple weeks)
Trace mineral drops

1-2 mcg B12, sublingual drops or transdermal
scant niacin, transdermal
Vit D as needed, not in late summer, 15,000iu in northern winters + light therapy
0-5 grams vit C as needed (currently 1.5)
Fish oil
100mcg vit K
400mg vit E / tocopherols, gamma-heavy blend
vitamin A
5 methylfolate or folinic acid, 400mcg
Nature's Way riboflavin 50mg
KAL pantothenic acid 25mg
natrol biotin 2,500iu
source naturals PABA 25mg
Now B1 25mg
Country Life P-5-P, 4mg

Various herbal salves (Tiger Balm, Green Comfort, Temple of Heaven, etc.)

I vary the supplements based on symptoms, but this is the current default. Each thing I take makes me feel a little better, and I feel a little (or a lot) worse without it. Different types of muscle cramps/pain are alleviated by different minerals. If I am low in vit C I crave sugars. And so on.

I know folinic doesn't work for everyone, but it does for me, and is slower-release than 5MF.


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