Current Supplement Strategy out of the Methyl Trap

I was having a very hard time after stopping my last round of SMP. I did for about a month and was feeling very well taking a small (1/8 tablet) amount of MCbl and (1/8 Folapro) MFolate. The benefit was there but my mood was a little over dopminated I believe (balance of the tryptophan->Serotonin, tyrosine->Norepinephrine/Dopamine and acetycholine pathways was still off). Focus was better and brain fog was less. GI was much better.

I initially (correctly) suspected the Methyl Trap. I had exhausted my B12. Not knowing this I meandered for weeks suspecting potassium or some other deficiency. During this time I was extremely anxious and the feeling of dread and that something is seriously (deathly) wrong with me was very prominent. Feelings of depression, helplessness and mild paranoia were also present. I was convinced I possibly did something irreparable and might remain in this reduced state for a long time. Maybe losing the ability to work which added to the stress.

Finally, mostly due to the fact that I have 2 MTRR +/+ mutations, I came back to the idea of the Methyl Trap. Maybe I had adequate folates but my problem was mostly B12. I googled and came across this quote of Dr. Ben by Emily. I also came across the "B2 I Love You" thread here. This prompted me to try a small regular dose of MCbl. The B2 I gathered helped your body process the 'non-active' folates. I felt better immediately and continued this for a few days. After that time I wasn't getting as much benefit from this. Never finding equilibrium I was shifting always from left to right or vise versa.

I read this reply by @Critterina. She suggested that I may also need the MFolate at least to make BH4. So I've added back a small amount of MFolate every few days and it's made a huge difference. It seems that by using MFolate sparingly and MCbl regularly I can stay in the middle. If I can watch my symptoms I'm hoping I can decide the optimal amount of MFolate top supplement. And that may change based on diet. I'm going to research my typical diet and see where the folates are.

Also to throw this in the mix. I might surmise that in times of stress I may need more B12. So that will need to be considered while I'm balancing my supps.

Also wanted to note that the minerals listed below were a huge help for me during the time my MethylTrapped depression was hitting me hardest. Also must note that the last time I had a hard time getting up in the AM was about two weeks ago after a day I took a small amount of P5P sublingual (maybe 4-5 mg).

UPDATE: Found that taking Tryptophan, a small amount 6mg sublingual P5P and a small amount of Niacinamide (30mg) is helping me feel much better. My main symptom was mental and I have taken this combination before with some success. The P5P and Tryptophan make Serotonin. The Niacinamide keeps your body from using the Tryptophan to make B3.

Here's my current protocol

Upon awakening (6:15am):
  • 1/12 - 1/8 Jarrow 1000mcg MCbl (the older "glass" bottle. Would recommend enzymatic)
  • 1/12 MFolate (Folapro) when needed. About every third day currently.
After getting up (6:30-6:45 or within 1/2 hour of waking) my Minerals
  • Natural Factors Zinc Chelate 12.5mg (1/2 tablet)
  • Kal Magnesium Gycinate 200mg (1/2 tablet).
  • Natures Way Selenium (67mg - 1/3 or 1/2 capsule)
  • Natures Way Potassium Chelate (99mg)
  • Coral Calcium 1/8 tsp
  • Natures Way Boron
  • Country life Molybdenum
Currently only taking about 20mg of Natures Way Riboflavin per day.
Experimenting with taking B1 also...

Bedtime every other day (taking these seems to help me sleep)
  • E-complex (MRM)
  • Beta Care-All (Natural Factors)
  • Fish Oil (Source Naturals Arctic Pure)


Update: Found that taking tryptophan, a small amount 6mg sublingual P5P and a small amount of Niacinamide is helping me feel much better.

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