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Current protocol

Hi guys,

I wanted to do an update on what I take now and what dietary interventions I am making that are important.

I am still on a lot of josh's OLD protocol (not his new one) but I have added a few other things, so here it is

Diet interventions increase firmicutes and lower bacteroidetes whilst nourishing butyrate producers to vastly lower intestinal and bodily inflammation AND heal tight junctions through the entire gastro intestinal tract.

My microbome assertions are based on comprehensive 16s testing and analysis.

I believe I have MCAS so I do not tolerate a wide variety of probiotics, apart from products that contain lots of probiotics (possibly cheap/bad strains? Not sure why).

  1. High fibre to lower bacteroidetes
  2. Low fat to lower bacteroidetes
  3. Regular pomegrenate intake for polyphenols
  4. Attempting to take blueberries but they seem to make me feel worse.
  5. Regular consumption of legumes, black eyed beans increase f prausnitzii (a butyrate producer)
  1. Inulin 5g a day (sometimes off but mostly on, so far no overgrowths seen that I know of in 12 months.
  2. Solaray24 strain, or dr mercola complete. Switching now to kyo dophilus 9 (excellent but low CFU probiotic) which does not contain the e.coli killer acidophilus.

SuppDoseHow often
l actyle glutathione (potent ROS scanveger/low in ME)100 to 200mgonce
egcg (ros/microbiome/others)200mgtwice a day
life extension reishi (nk cells/mitos)1 to 4 caps (4 caps is mac CTM dose)3x a day
NAC (potent antioxidant)600mg3x a day
Pomegrenate softgel (life extension) - kidney stones/hugely increase mitophagy and energy1000mgonce a week
Laratodine/Luetelin (MCAS) (dr bansal recommended)n/aexperiment
vitamin d (dr bansal recommended)4000IUper day
zinc (leaky gut/NAC offset)3.25mgonce

  • Valtrex 500mg a day
New experiments will be with TUDCA for tight junctions which according to Hip only works in the small intestine, but that's ok if it does because I figure better control over that, means better tolerance over high fibre foods, if you can then increase butyrate that should heal the large intestine and colon.
Inulin also was shown to heal leaky gut and it ferments in the large intestine and colon, so I figure taking that makes a huge difference.
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