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Current Protocol (tweaked)

Someone asked me to update this post, I am no longer taking tudca, will try UDCA at some point:

  1. High fibre to lower bacteroidetes (30g a day up from around 15)
  2. Low fat to lower bacteroidetes (removal of lamb, red meat once a week, fatty foods like chorizo and others out)
  3. Regular pomegrenate intake for polyphenols
  4. Attempting to take blueberries but they seem to make me feel worse.
  5. Regular consumption of legumes, black eyed beans increase f prausnitzii (a butyrate producer). My prausnitzii below, Feb, Sept and Oct are the impact of black eyed beans (depletion in Oct due to herbal remedies like resveratrol, so that can be ignored).
Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 15.55.21.png


  1. Inulin took for about 12 months, doesn't have a huge impact but 12g is a preferable dose and I can't take that much. I normally take 5 to 6g a day. But I thought I had sibo for awhile - turned out to be due to coconut yoghurt causing gastro pain
  2. Solaray24 strain, or dr mercola complete. Stopped solaray24 as I'd taken it for 2 years. Switched back to vivomixx and felt better within about 4 to 24 hours.


SuppDoseHow often
l actyle glutathione (potent ROS scanveger/low in ME)100 to 200mgonce
egcg (ros/microbiome/others)200mgtwice a day
life extension reishi (nk cells+func/mitos)1 to 4 caps (4 caps is max CTM dose)3x a day
NAC (potent antioxidant)600mg3x a day
Pomegrenate softgel (life extension) - kidney stones/hugely increase mitophagy and energy1000mgonce a week
Laratodine/Luetelin (MCAS) (dr bansal recommended)n/aexperiment
vitamin d (dr bansal recommended)4000IUper day
zinc (leaky gut/NAC offset)3.25mgonce
Vitamin k2 (kidney stone experiment)standard doseonce
Probiotic - currently vivomixx again after a 2-3 month break1 sachet (450bill cfu)once
B complexthorne complex 1 caponce every 3 months

  • Valtrex 500mg a day

I've tried all sorts now, I have absolutely no idea if any of these did long term damage. Personally I think unlkely at low doses, but this is what my microbiome looked like in 2021 when I had been taking solaray24 for about a year:
  • Lactobacillus: 0.01 (0.5 to 1% is ideal)
    • 2023: it oscilates between being completely depleted (0%) and ok levels, although tends to be a lot more stable with vivomixx most of the time.
  • Bifdobacteria: 0.006% (2.5 to 5% is ideal) (these bacteria are antiviral, it's unclear what effect v low numbers have)
    • 2023: it is now 0.03% above that old baseline
  • Akkermansia: 0.003% (0.02 to 2% is ideal) (almost no dietary factors appear to effect this)
One would assume that the microbiome struggles due to toxins excreted by rna viruses in the gut when they replicate and that the general ph and somewhat pathogenic load is high enough to make it harder for them to exist.

  1. Solaray24 - worked very well for me
  2. Dr Mercola complete - same as above
  3. Life extension longum (wasn't sure if this caused gastro issues, need to retest)
  4. Vivomixx - excellent, did herx quite a lot in the early days.
  5. kyo dophilus 9 - joint pain but generally ok
  6. Metabolics infantis - insomnia initial brainfog
  7. Metabolics helveticus - felt worse on this one, brainfog etc
  8. Custom probiotics d lactate free - very bad herx on this, felt truly awful, have not touched it again since.
  9. Bacilus subtilis hu58 - very bad herx, but for a few months it resolved my sleep and I slept like a dead person - truly blissful
  10. Earth and Young Bacilus blend - worse herx than the hu58 but v similair, leads to a crash lasting several days.
  11. Boulardii - no noticeable effect either way.
  12. Gasseri - no noticeable effect either way
  13. (others that I cannot remember)
I'd like to point out that the only probiotic that appears to show persistence and apepars in some number (60% of strains) on my 16s is vivomixx, none of the other strains ever appeared.


From Perplexity.ai

Foods that Raise Akkermansia Levels in the Gut

Akkermansia muciniphila is a beneficial gut bacterium associated with various health benefits. While there are no foods that directly contain Akkermansia, certain dietary components can promote its growth in the gut. These include:
  1. Polyphenol-Rich Foods: Polyphenols, found in foods such as apples, berries, grapes, flaxseed, green tea, nuts, and olives, can encourage the growth of Akkermansia
  2. Prebiotics: Certain prebiotics, such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS) found in onion, asparagus, banana, and artichoke, can support the growth of Akkermansia
  3. Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: A diet rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil may also promote the abundance of Akkermansia
  4. Dietary Fiber: Increasing levels of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in the colon through dietary fiber supplementation can also support the growth of Akkermansia
Incorporating these dietary components into one's daily routine may help promote the abundance of Akkermansia in the gut, contributing to overall gut health and potentially offering various health benefits


Not sure how accurate that is though. :( Plus, I think you do some of these already like the fish oils and green tea (in the form of the egcg).

Edit: I have read on Ken's site that 2 apples a day can raise Bifdobacteria and one of those links. Of course if you can, do organic. They spray so much on apples these days. I can taste the chemicals on the non-organic ones even after I take the peeling off.

Some of those links have a lot of info too. (Click on the numbers after each listing. I deleted a couple and tried to put them back so hope they all work.)
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I'd recommend apples but I'm severely allergic to them myself. But very good source of pectin. Getting some pectin is a good idea. Don't think I get much. I can eat oranges but they make kidney stones significantly worse.
Trying to change the gut with those diet changes won't do anything for me (although the high fibre is good), waste of time
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