Current Protocol Day 7

Quick update on what it looks like currently:

Glycine 3800mg 4x a day
NAC 600mg 3x a day
Panthothenic acid 200mg 3x a day

Reishi 980mg 3x a day
Lions Mane 980mg 3x a day
Choline 400mg 3x a day
Oat Bran 2000 to 4000mg 3x a day
EGCG 25mg 4x a day
B Vitamins Once a day
Vit C (Magnesium Ascorbate) 4800mg once a day
Vitamine E 400IU once a day
Probiotic 1 capsule a day
Molydenum 3 drops a day

I removed the R-ALA as I was concerned over mercury issues but it was also giving me really bad heartburn.
Never took the creatine.
Glutathione tastes like sick (I know but it really does!!) took it for awhile but gave up eventually. I would say it's worth having this if you can afford it, as it seems to give the brain a little boost in between doses.
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