Current Protocol - Adding more B3

Found out that I had become very deficient in B3 (among other things perhaps). Decided that I wasn't good to methylate all day. I was gonna start with a good shot in the AM then sometime around lunch pop a 100mg B3. Three days of this and I am feeing a very deep peace that has been missing for a while. I wonder if that's because I have 2 COMT +/- and taking so much MB12 might be causing be to be on edge all the time.

Also paying more attention to the other cycles (TCA, BH4)

I'm gonna keep having to adjust to find balance.

My current adjustment I've started a discussion here:
B3 Niacin deficiency caused by methyl donors?

6:30-7am: First thing in the AM.
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Deciding on if/when to add these back


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