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Current Medications/Supps

Today I took 1 500mg Inosine around noon
1g a couple hours later and another 500mg in the evening with 250mg dmae with each dose
Total 2g inosine 750mg of dmae
0.5 mg Klonopin
A dose of Skullcap
2mg iodine

Trying to experiment with lowering Klonopin with skullcap.Perhaps this is too much for one day and should go slower

Did about 15 mins on the putting green
Likes: Wolfcub


Too much soups in one day

Woke up run down

Today no inosine or Dmae

Just iodine and skullcap for supps

.25-5mg of Klonopin
Try GABA under the tongue which works much better than swallowing. Klonopin or any benzo works by saving GABA, GABA as a supplement supplies the actual molecule rather than conserving it.

GABA competes with glutamate, glutamate creates anxiety, therefore by bringing more GABA into the cell, anxiety should fall. Glutamate is created by stress which can emotional, biological (infections, toxins and adrenal stress).

Magnesium (I use Doctor's Best High Absorption which works well) influences the GABA molecule. You can try some vitamin B6 which helps neurotransmitters.
That is interesting..what makes of GABA & Magnesium do you use....im best with capsules or Powder? I also use Skullcap in tincture form.

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