Crying my heart out

So I increased to 3 pills of imunovir, I have been crying on and off all day, My emotions are all over the place. I remember the first time I started the drug and I know it will pass. So when I want to cry I just give in and in less than one minute I am done. It is weird to explain, then I feel happy. I look like a completely nut case. I am not sad really I actually think this is funny (I guess I am in my minutes of feeling good :lol: )!!! How can somebody go from been so happy to sad in minutes. So I am taking it like a champ and will just suck it up.

I want to stay away from people and will just kinda exist in the next few days. It makes it easier to ride this wave!! The burning in head also Increased so I am now certain that is my reaction to the drug.

Overall I feel more energy and sleep quality has improved too, I don't feel PEM when I wake up anymore. I went to see the sleep Dr today and I am still not reaching stage 4 enough and the CPAP had to be adjusted, increase trazadone to 200-300mg if needed. So with all the new changes I imagine I will improve even more. Good things happening!! :thumbsup:
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I went with out stage four sleep for over a year and I was basket case! Give yourself time to heal. All my best! Be well as you can at the moment. If you can improve sleep that is half the battle.
Keep at it - each hour lived through need never be repeated. I hope you get the sleep you need.
I am doing better! crying bout is over. Sleep I got new mask on CPAP and medication has been increased.

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