Crossing the line

i bet like me you've been to many doctors, seen many consultants, had numerous tests and are still being passed between disciplines because "I'm sorry, that's not my field of expertise".

I don't understand why, if they are all qualified doctors, I can't find one willing to cross the line and look at me as a whole person instead of a brain, stomach, heart......

Have you found one willing "to cross the line"?


KDM and a local GP. KDM in part because he specifically attempts to address the issues of ME patients, and in part because he started off in cardiac but had to learn a lot about digestive and neuro to keep up. The GP is something of a local maverick, will talk about anything, and I mean anything, in the room. He's cheerfully prescribed antibiotics, B-12 shots, and whatever else. But when I say 'local', I have to drive 45 minutes to see him. Keep looking and don't give up hope!

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