Crawling back from hell- LDN reaction

Holly Crap!!!

I was doing so well, and I started LDN, first day at night I felt I had the flu, I slept great though :sleep: . It was ok and I went to work next day, it was rough but doable.

Second day, I had terrible pain in my breasts and Lymph nodes, fluish. Then I crashed so fast and hard with no warning:aghhh: , I was coming back driving from getting lunch and I parked at work's Parking lot and I felt I need to lay down right now. I apparently fell sleep like for 2h in the back of my car, I tried to call for help but was too weak to do so, It was hard because I needed to pee so bad. I really didn't want to let go in the car!!!

I don't know how long it was but finally I stood up and made it back to my office, I needed to make it home, all I knew is that I needed to lay down again and fast.

My brain at this point was numb and I mean Numb, If i tried to grab something w my hands I was unable to grip. So I was useless and desperate.

I made it home and slept 16h on and off. I skipped the LDN because I just needed to recover. I am back at work today but not sure how long I will make it.

I feel great from the body, all this weeks w muscle pain is gone. Brain numbness come and goes. Having balance and coordination issues.


No I stopped for one day and it was enough to calm down, I went back on it yesterday and I am ok today, Slept a lot but didn't feel bad at all. The problem is that it makes my brain feel w/o buzz, it numbs it. So the feeling can be a blessing.

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