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Wow. Just wow. That was very good. I went to see a cranial sacral osteopath to work on my hearing. But balancing everything else and hearing what she said about how frazzled my nervous system is and how i havent been able to go to that state of healing as im vigilant of everything. But that my health is good other than that stress of not being able to calm down.

Also sent my organic acids off today. I'm getting there with the yoga, feeling my body more. The problem is the push/pull of healing versus avoidance. I work through some stuff, and i fall into despair and fade out of life again.


I'm finding that with any kind of healing, be it physical or emotional, it's important to go gently. I've discovered I can even try too hard to make myself relax! It's the forcing, it seems, that causes the backlash.

Avoidence is tricky because you want to address it, but if you do so in a confrontational manner it sounds like you're apt to tip off your hypervigilance. I'd suggest that you consider working with whatever therapeutic approach might win over with trust, slowly, rather than attempting to push beyond those alarm bells going off in your head.
yeah i think it dumped me down quite low today. really had a flakey day. but i think it will be useful.
The work on your hearing, was is for diminshed hearing? I have had ringing in my ears that is compunded by more pain and confusion at times. It has been years since I saw a Cranial sacral osteopath, maybe it's time I re-connected. Hope you are doing better Gavman! I am with you on falling, fading, bobbing in the sea of symptom management. I feel like a cork in a typhoon sometimes!
I'm getting this treatment on a regular basis and my hearing in one ear comes and goes as the shifting progresses.
It's normal to feel knackered for a few days after a treatment, or for it to suddenly hit 2-3 days or even a week later. I generally plan for being useless on the 2nd and 3rd days after a treatment.
My left ear is about 50% off, Xandoff. Don't know if thats contributing to wanting to yell and scream when there is too much noise going on or not.
Moblet, do you find yourself doing shit that you shouldn't be doing health wise during those next couple of days?
If I feel more energetic afterwards, maybe. When I have a heavy response to the treatment I will feel really lethargic, which means I end up doing even less than usual. It's not unusual for people to get a burst of vitality after a treatment - which at the time might feel like it's going to last forever - and then go out and overdo it.
Is that what you meant?
well i felt like garbage so ate sugary foods and played games on the computer after my treatment. That kind of thing.
Yeah, it would be better to rest and focus on healing than wind your body up. I wouldn't worry about what you've done as a once-off - next time you'll be able to anticipate it and manage it better.

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