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Coxsackie B Enterovirus and Apotosis Blocking

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In the past I have had high antibody titers for Coxsackievirus. I looked up the effect on apoptosis and found some interesting information. Coxsackievirus blocks necroptosis/caspase-independent cell death which inteferes with the innate immune response you need to recover from covid. This would trigger ME. However, I had covid and was able to recover, although about 50% slower than average. I reviewed the MEpedia info on coxsackie and found only one supplement that would reverse it-oxymatrine (Sophora flavescens). I ordered 500g from aliexpress and will test the effect. The rest of the compounds MEpedia listed are antiapoptosic so would be ineffective. Whoever is writing MEpedia doesn't research what they are recommending very well and shouldn't be listing those compounds as being effective.

Let's take a look at the apoptosis pathways involved:

Epstein Barr virus blocks: TLR4 (attachment of antibodies) and turns Nf-kb up to produce inflammation.
Herpes Simplex 6 blocks: caspase 3 and Nf-kb.
Herpes Zoster (Chickenpox) blocks: caspase 3
Coronavirus blocks: TRIF (just after T-cell antibody attachment).

So for this cell to trigger apoptosis it has to have chemicals that can correct these blocks for at least one apoptosis pathway. Otherwise, it will be immortalized, painful from inflammation and presents as ME. So far I've had success doing it using antibodies through the caspase 3 pathway and I'm going to test oxymatrine to see if it can help through unblocking TRIF.

Alternatively, perhaps we can use prime gene editing to snip out the viruses and block their DNA entry sites with blanks. Also, immunizations against these viruses would completely prevent them from infecting the cells in the first place.

What does apoptosis feel like? It creates a painful burning sensation that goes numb then becomes itchy. You need a good pain management strategy to handle it.
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