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Covid and long covid - day 31

Hi all,

So I got covid over christmas and continued with the legumes but stopped biomesight testing and any new gut based treatments.

Covid did a number on me and whilst i am not battling fatigue as badly I have some symptoms I am struggling with.

When I got covid I had a fever of 39 for two days, and then a temp of about 38 for the rest of the week. My lungs started to hurt after about a week and my breathing became very asthmatic. I decided to try and play a game in the second week briefly and that gave me POTS which lasted about 7 days and profound fatigue and neurlogical fatigue. I slept about 14 hours a day for the first 2 weeks, then in week 3 went to down to 12 and then finally around 8 to 9 (would have preferred a solid 10 but my sleep was difficult later on in recovery). It also gave me a specific symptom of PENE (post extertional neuro-immune exhaustion) which for me is difficulty tracking moving objects and inability to tolerate motion in relation to self, also very bad sound sensitivty (quiet sounds are more like nails on a chalkboard). So that might be driving round a corner or orientation of self in relation to a 3d game world, possibly even a 2d one.

I took doxycycline for 5 days due to a pre-supposed throat infection and my tonsils felt a lot better after starting it.

Once the Molnu and doxy finished I didn't experience any ME fatigue (which for me is a very specific type of muscular fatigue where it feels like the muscle strands become fatigued and sore, especially in the thighs). Covid fatigue as I found out is an all encompassing fatigue that cripples your entire body.

I continued to take egcg, vitamin d, zinc, reishi mushroom, nac, boulardii and vivomixx (double doses often) throughout the period. I had no GI symptoms at all until about day 28. Fatigue was also manageable until about day 21 and sleep was fine until I took some low dose citalopram which caused ebv to aggressively reactivate and has reset my sleep to how it was pre covid. I slept amazingly well the first 2.5 weeks which was pleasant and the interferon produced in the first week must have been so high that it wiped out all kinds of viruses and supressed a lot of reactivations. But then these viruses seemed to wake up with the citalopram (I only took it for 5 days) and maybe just the passage of time (lowered t cell responses and nk responses, meaning more room for ebv and cmv to wake up.

The PENE symptom became fairly debilitating after day 21 and I knew it was a problem to be honest because it made focussing pretty much impossible. It also highly restricted my neuro energy envelope which I have almost never experienced before covid. It is likely akin to inflammation of the brain or spinal cord as brain damage seems unlikely. Microglial activation is also quite possible especially when reseeed via gut sars-cov2 and LPS trans location causing abberant immune response and LPS causes hte BBB to break down, which would allow the spike of cov2 to get into the brain tissue. So even before you discuss microglial cells, you've already got the issue of covid in the brain.

Low dose doxycycline was something Dr Bansal prescribed to me in 2023 but I had a bad reaction and the pharmacy compounded the drug incorrectly - which might explain my reaction. As my metabolism has been slightly reset (I am not having as strong reactions to meds as I normally do) it's been a good time to restart things that I knew should help. Low dose doxycycine works by reducing il-6 and il-8 and tnf-a and it also lowers LPS bacteria (see below) in a mouse study. LPS bacteria break the BBB down, which is really bad news when you're trying to clear covid and battling brainfog.


Inflammation markers, including lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in serum as well as CD68-positive cells in treated islets, decreased significantly. Finally, LPS stimulated the production of inflammatory factors but inhibited GSIS of MIN6 cells; however, the effects were completely reversed by doxycycline.
Low doses are 25mg not 50mg it must be 25mg per day. I took my first dose 3 days ago and felt much clearer mentally and very strong anti inflammatory effects about 90 minutes after I took it. That first low dose also made me feel really happy. The following day I had quite severe stomach paralysis and so had brainfog etc from that, so it was hard to tell really whether I felt better or not.

Since I started the low dose doxy my concentration and brainfog have improved to pre covid levels and so far I haven't experience an aggressive manifestation of PENE. I also am not so far experiencing major sound sensitivity but it's early days I need to keep an eye on my symptoms.

I also experienced tonsillitis on day 25 or there abouts which lasted 2 days and I believe was something to do with ebv but it could have just been covid. I felt really unwell and it appeared to co-incide with picking up a cold from my gf. So I am not sure what happened here.

As I was still struggling with weakness and joint pain/dizziness since my attack of gastro paralysis on the 25th I thought I might also re-try larozotide as well (leading evidence quite clearly shows a lot of covid in the intestinal wall well after day 14 when it clears the blood). This is a compound being used to treat MIS-C patients, now in a phase 2 trial with Polybio.

It's shown pretty extraordinary effects at lowering the spike protein and in some cases the antigen in the blood of patients that have turned up to hospital 1 to 6 months post covid with hyper inflammatory responses. They are often given steroids - interestingly the steroids have the same effect as the low dose doxy, in that they reduce il-6 and il-8 so I think low dose doxy if you can't get steroids are likely a good alternative and more importantly don't seem to be immune supressive. Doxy can be but I assume that only applies at higher doses.

Larozotide is taken 500mcg 4x a day spread about 4 to 5 hours apart each dose. Larozotide starts working very quickly, almost all patients showed improement within 24 hours (but only two patients have clear data points where you can say for certain that larozotide was causative in lowering spike levels in the blood). Regardless in those two patients the drop off in spike levels is dramatic almost an 80% reduction overnight.

After I started the larozotide I noticed pain in my right tonsil, this was quite deep inside the tonsil and was more like a sharp pain like a knife being turned. this is where my covid tonsil pain first started when i got infected. I noticed this pain was quite bad for about 4 hours and then gradually got less so until it had almost disappeared, it's now more of a dull ache than actual pain. Whether this is meaningful I think depends on how I continue to feel. All I can say is that I feel physically stronger and brighter thismorning for taking the larozotide.

covid has done a lot of damage to my body I am convinced and I am not sure I'd tolerate another bout of covid, let alone another booster which will bring back the ME fatigue.

But one important thing to note is that a lot of my post vax symptoms, pain in my shoulderblades and shoulder which were chronically bad with one of the shots for a few months and severe gastritis which lasted a few days not to mention digestive issues are the same exact symptoms I now have the third week after covid. I really don't think it's a co-incidence and loads of long covid patients report these symptoms on reddit, they are super common.

My hospital blood test results showed I was having a mild but quite inflammatory covid infection, however I was suffering from neutropenia very early on, so I can only assume it got worse before it got better. I am due to be re-tested. It's still a total mystery why I get neutropenia but if it became chronic it would be just another chronic co morbidity. Maybe I'll recover this time but I am not convinced that a second infection (will actually be my third) would not make me very disabled.

So I am currently at about 60% function, mild by some standards but functionally unable to leave the house or drive short distances, down from 80% pre covid.


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