Covid-19. Yay...

Yep. I just tested positive. There's no way the experience could be as bad as last time, right?

My fever is at 102.3 degrees. And of course, all the rest of the symptoms.

But I should fare better this time, right? I've had it twice already. And I was outside in the direct sunlight yesterday for two hours. Hopefully this helps more than it did last time. The Vitamin D.

And also, I hope to heck I didn't get anybody sick. Damn it. At first I thought, well, I suspected allergies - after having had a runny nose for 48 hours. And then boom. Fever and chills.

Yeah. Okay then.



@Howard.....Well, that's not welcome news for you (& us) at all. I'm sure the lack of sleep hasn't helped your immune system.

You went to the adjacent hospital last time, didn't you? Are they not giving vaccines at all? Check and see if you need a pneumonia vaccine. I certainly don't want to see you dealing with that, also.

Also, wasn't it December that you came down with this before? Like Judee says, we'll pray for you. Healing prayers for Howard, or at least good wishes for healing. Yours, Lenora
I'm doing okay. It seems my fever already broke.
We have two additional residents on my floor who just tested positive. Apparently, I am Patient Zero.

I appreciate the well wishes. Last night I was a bit freaked out, but it seems I'll manage just fine. :)
No frickin way!:headslap:

"They" say the strain of covid virus overtime is losing its potency. Latest strain is not as virulent. That plus the anti-bodies you have built up I think will make this 3rd time not as bad for you. Crossing fingers. I don't remember if you ordered liquid zinc in the past? You can hold some of it in your mouth for a minute if you can and then spit it out.
Hi @Howard

You just had to be famous, eh? Had to become a Patient zero?

I was earlier reading about Patient Zero, chinese version from August of 2022. He ran through a park, jogging for two hours, past two thousand some odd other people, outside and something like 39 people actually GOT the COVID.

so you just a super juicy victim there, rich in Vitamin D and the new thing I learned about, IR. That one goes right through clothes, and cheap glass windows, bounces off the trees and other green things.

Seems your now a professional at quickly getting over the COVID, so lets just enjoy your rapid recovery!

We used to take LOTS of sweat baths. Just fever the thing out of the body.

Feel better soon! R
From the sound of things, Howard's in a sweat bath from approx. 4:00 a.m. onward. He needs a cooling shower.

Yes, he's probably patient zero within the nursing home. Bad boy, Howard! L.

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