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Continued News Coverage for MCWPA.ORG!

Continued News Coverage for ME/CFS Worldwide Patient Alliance (MCWPA)

Posted by Tina Marie Miller Tidmore on 11 February 2011 -http://apps.facebook.com/causes/posts/655997?m=9ac39973

As a result of a patient sending a copy of The Washington Post ad to the Indiana Star, a reporter wrote two articles about the hope the retrovirus discovery gives our patient community and the severity and multiple symptoms of ME/CFS. Tom Jarrett, mentioned in the article, played an instrumental role in making this happen. Naturally, when the reporter asked for reference to a physician, we put her in touch with Dr. David Bell. The other sources she found on her own.

Please go to these articles and give your comments so this reporter will be more likely to do more stories in the future. Editors look at what topics get the most interest.

Here are the articles:



We will be coming out with an announcement of more media coverage soon with a much stronger message. Your donations and your opinions and your work made this happen.

More actions are planned, based on your feedback in a January survey. Go here to see the results of the survey: http://forum.mcwpa.org/viewtopic.php?...

These actions will cost an estimated $10,000. Whereas the Facebook Cause page shows an amount of $13,205 donated by patients, when the amount patient donated through other means is tabulated, minus the expenses thus far, MCWPA has a balance of $2,300 to be used on these future actions. Expenses paid thus far include the ad cost, the press release distributed through a news wire and the website hosting.

More news soon.
Tina- MCWPA Team (www.mcwpa.org)


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