COMPETITION now running (Set up by Yours Truly)

Could I please direct all over-heated members to the Joke of the Day thread.

(I suspect you are all feeling a little disgruntled, fed up with Chronic illness & pain, & need a good laugh)

I am starting a competition.

Whoever posts the funniest Joke of the Month of June, wins the $50 credit sitting in my PayPal account (they gave me $50 for completing a survey - mind you I don't remember doing anything much on a survey - I think I just answered a couple of questions on if I was happy with the first transaction of my new Paypal account).

But it's got to be a real belly-aching, roll-around-the-floor joke, NOT a vague-hint-of-a-smile joke.

Secondly, you have to tell me how to transfer that $50 to you (as I haven't used my PayPal account for so long, I've forgotten how to transfer money :D).

You have until the 30th June to post it.

(I suppose you're all going to do a Google Search now on The Funniest Joke of all Time).

Warning: The Funniest Joke on Google may not make me laugh, Folks!

You have to tickle MY funnybone - no one else's.

(I get to be the Judge as it's my $50 you win). But having said that, I am open to bribery & corruption!

PS And you can't bribe me with virtual chocolate biscuits - I am on a diet (since I last ate a whole packet of chocolate mint slice biscuits in one sitting).

PPS If the winner doesn't have a PayPal account, I'm happy to order an overseas draft & post it AIRMAIL to you.

PPPS. And of course, if the Aussie dollar's value falls, you could do quite well out of this. If I order an overseas draft, I will have it drawn in the currency of your Country (assuming it's a common currency which is available for me to order).


I will soon, just going to call the bus depot lost and found to see if anyone turned in my teeth, then I will post a joke
Very funny, Glenp :Retro smile:.

(Just wanted to you write posts with your teeth? If so, I will score you extra points for skill & dexterity with your mouth?).

If you don't write posts with your teeth, then I will still score you extra points for being a good sport in participating in the comp).

I'd rather have your organizational skills and your photographer's eye. Private e-mail lessons will do just fine. Oh, and please send some of those bisquits.

Checking Google now . . .


I can't find the competition entries.

There seems to be 2 Blogs, one of which has 15 invisible comments.

Here Compe, here compe, where are youuuuuuu?

I thought the competition had been moved into a thread, but can't find that either.

Aw, gee, jimbob, you're just the sweetest guy I've ever met.:innocent1:;)

Luv:Sign giggle: ya,

Well, it looks like the 15 comments & jokes I can no longer see (there appears to be 2 Blogs) have disappeared into the heavenly realms of cyberspace.

But the comp. is still on, & we'll just have to start again.

Please post your joke, so that yours truly can carry on with the judging.

I'm sorry that those other jokes disappeared as I was having a good laugh reading them (as I suspect others were enjoying them).

There's still plenty of time.........

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