Coconut oil and finding "Home"

Occasionally I take the right thing or combination of things and I reach a "mentally calm" state of mind. It's not like meditation or some altered state but my natural state that seems long forgotten but instantly recognized when it returns for a brief visit. It's like finding your way home without knowing you were even lost. For a brief visit I'm home. All the pleasant associations and memories with this state of mind come rushing back. I'm really me once again. I usually shed tears when this happens with the realization of what I have lost all these years and maybe the knowing that it probably won't stay.

The few times I've gotten to this place I've felt "this is it!" This is my fix and what I've been looking for all these years. I've made good notes on food and supplements I've taken when this happens but haven't been able to reproduce this state with any regularity.

If I can figure out this puzzle, and I think I'm as close as I've ever been, I should have my "cure".

The latest thing to do this for me has been coconut oil pulling (which I've already written about on this blog). I did coconut oil pulling for a week and after 2 days I gut normalized after 5-6 days I felt like I had found that "cure". I got a little eager and pushed too hard by eating coconut foods including the coconut oil also thinking that this must all be a "gut" thing and the coconut fibers would do even a better job since they would traverse the length of the GI tract. If you read my previous post you'll see that was a mistake for me.

I've been fighting hard to correct my gut and learning a lot about my body during this time seeing how things like stress, cortisol and methylation related supplements are affecting me and identifying the "flavor" of certain deficiencies so I can more easily know how to correct them when they occur.

I hadn't done any oil pulling for a month since I stopped. Last week I did it one morning for about 20 minutes and again was brought home for the better part of the waking day. Each time is such a gift. If I can just solve this puzzle now that I think I have found most of the pieces.


Very interesting. I wonder if there is some kind of periodontal infection involved. Having spoken with a neurosurgeon who advised me that mouth infections can often travel to the brain resulting in surgical intervention, I am taking mouth health more seriously.

You might want to try pulling with olive leaf complex. Olive leaf is an amazing antimicrobial with lots of antioxidants. Some folks consume it. I tried it in the pulling scenario with amazing results. I used Barleans brand which comes in an 8 oz. bottle in normal and peppermint flavors. Thanks for posting.

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