CMV and EBV dual infection

Does anyone know a good doctor to treat CMV and EBV dual infection in the SEATTLE area? I have been to so many specialists who refused to treat me and said to ride it out. I am hopeless, sad and very desperate. PLEASE, ANYONE help me. My problem now is insomnia. I cannot sleep at all and they think I am crazy and depressed. I tried Ambien CR for three weeks and now it is not working anymore. Because I don't sleep, the viruses rise and I start having digestion issues and feeling dizzy and nauseated. I work full time as an IT Manager and if this continues I will lose my job. Please, E-mail me at



I found my doctor with Google. I typed in my city and methylation and a ton of other combos. She's saved me. Also for sleep, it's too easy to build tolerance, which it seems you have with the ambien CR by taking the same thing every night. If you want to start treating viruses on your own there are places to get them without an RX. Also sleep meds Send me a PM and I can help you.
I have a great specialist in Northern CA. Dr. Kaufman at the Open Medicine Institute. From your question, it sounds like you can't travel?

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