Clothing types and products that worked for me (or didn't)

So, recovering from being almost completely room-bound and MCS so severe that the only clothing I could tolerate was homemade from unbleached undyed organic cotton material that had been boiled, soaked, and washed for months before it could even be made into clothing...

...I find myself with a clothing problem. As in, not having enough. And hating all my old stuff (which is mostly just nightgowns anyway).

Used clothing is out. Too many chemicals that can't be washed out.

So I've been tackling new clothing. 85-pound me trying to find stuff that fits AND is chemically tolerable AND makes me feel good about myself. Because contrary to popular belief the latter is somewhat important for psychological wellbeing and I'll take advantage of any toe-hold towards healing I can get to.

Most clothing places simply don't run small enough. Jockey's cotton underwear reeks of extremely strong chemicals that don't wash or soak out. I did a google search and found I'm far from the only one who's noticed this. Plus their smallest size underwear (4) is too big on me.

American Eagle has worked out so far, I react to the dyes in their jeans at first but it washes out sufficiently after a few washings so I can wear them. And the underwear runs small enough! For those who find undies too uncomfortable I highly recommend the boybrief cut, which covers everything without becoming a sort of tight shorts. Aerie has a bunch of cute ones and you can buy 7 for a discount at a fairly reasonable price (PM me and I can give you a code for an additional 20% off). If the stretchy lace material itself isn't uncomfortable against your skin, then their lacy underwear is elastic-free and thus no specific pressure lines, which I find works well for me.

Light sleepwear "boxers" (they make them for gals too!) are another great option. I'm spoiled though and I prefer that style homemade out of silk.

This week is the first time in nearly a decade I wore a clean pair of underwear every day. I feel so decadent! Probably not the right word, but it feels amazing.

Yoga pants, also known as "fold over waist" pants are sooooo much comfier than drawstring or elastic types. Seriously. They don't put pressure anywhere along the waist and there are no ties to fiddle with. The healthy world would find it silly that I get exhausted tying or untying pajama pants, but I did. Yoga pants rule for any sort of lounge pants, sleep bottoms, what have you.

Camisoles work best as undergarments when there's no cotton content. Cotton fabric tends to make the camisole "grab' the shirt above it, and it's always going to be a pain. They also tend to similarly grab my skin - I don't know why the same fabric on my legs feels fine (yoga pants) but on my torso feels less comfy. In any case, new rule for myself, no camis made of cotton.

A cami with a shelf bra and optionally bra pad inserts is the most comfy bra solution I've ever encountered. Obviously it's not a comfy solution for everyone, but I've been wearing this same cami for several months straight now and I'm happy. I paid $20 for it on clearance at REI - some fancy shmancy thing - and it still looks good as new. The $7 cotton cami I got at WalMart had threads coming off it within days and is now gathering dust in my closet. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

Now that I'm going out in public where occasionally my arms and legs are seen, I had to figure out a shaving solution. This electric razor has worked out well so far. I don't get as close a shave as with a "real" razor, but I can shave my legs in bed or wherever, take as much time as I need, do it in tiny portions, whatever. I don't typically look "perfect" but I'm no longer shocking people, and I feel more "presentable".

Deodorant - milk of magnesia all the way. Any drugstore has it. It's just a mineral often used as a laxative - no it's a different mineral than what's in those sticks.

The timer watch! Either the cheaper plastic or the fancier metal version will do (warning- adjusting the metal one's band requires a special tool that doesn't come with it). This watch is a brainfog lifesaver. Food on the stove? Touch one button and you've got a one minute timer. Push it twice for three minutes, and again for 5. So if I need to remember something in 5 minutes, I simply hit the watch button 3 times. No need to look at it, no need to calculate anything. The timer goes up to half an hour. I knew my life would improve so much when I could ear watches again specifically because of this watch. I'm not kidding. It's essential to me. I usualy cannot locate a timer, retrieve it, and set it, but I can touch my watch a few times. Set and done. It cuts down my brainfog errors by about 75%.

I don't have all this stuff figured out, not by a long shot....but I've sorted some pieces that work well for me. Maybe they'll help someone else too. :)



I just heard about MoM as a deoderant the other day. Any tips on how much/how to apply? So far every other non-aluminum deoderant I've tried has been a huge letdown.
@halcyon I hear ya. It's liquid when you buy it, I tend to just remove the cap, stick my fingers in the bottle and get some from the edge. I find it works best when you're halfway through the bottle and it's thicker. Before i was shaving my pits a single application of it would seriously last me 3 days. Now it only tends to last one. I just make sure the entire pit is wet with it and let it dry before putting on clothing. It can sometimes leave a temporary white residue on clothes. Also, it isn't an antiperspirant, so you'll still sweat it just won't smell. I've even tried applying it to already smelly/sweaty pits - 30 seconds later no more smell!

Other suggestions I've heard work for other people are vodka, or another one is vinegar. I was trying all sorts of natural approaches before I found MoM and didn't bother to try any others 'cause it worked so well for me.

Hope it works for you too!
thanks for your post. There are some great ideas for me in that.
Bicarbonate Soda also works well for a deodourant .

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