Cleaning up diet

I am frustrated I see little benefit from eliminating gluten, casein, corn, (and soy and peanuts were already eliminated). I also reduced non-gluten grains and nightshades, and hardly eat legumes. I eat very little processed food so I am nearly free of preservatives, food colorings, etc. Not much is allowed on my diet.

I feel there is a connection between some of my symptoms and my diet, and that I could make more improvements. I am writing this to remind myself of more things to try, and get input:

Eliminating eggs. I feel it is unlikely I have an egg allergy, and if I am reacting it's from what the chickens consumed (non-organic soy, corn, and probably other grains). But my only evidence is not tying symptoms to egg consumption and my IgE blood test being negative for eggs.

I still eat conventional meat, but this is a tough one to change now.

Reducing oxalates. This would mean giving up a few of my favorite foods.

Reducing histamine foods.

Reducing salicylate foods?

Reducing sulfur foods? This would be challenging and Dr. Wahls encourages sulfur foods, so this is less likely to be a problem.

Eliminating tree nuts. This would be difficult. I could soak them, which would use up valuable energy.

Eliminating all non-gluten grains, or at least the ones that are not organic. I average about 1/4 to 1/3 cup per day. I think that is low. Most are organic.

Eliminating cacao.

Eliminating cane sugar. I believe there is only 1 food I eat with it, which is my favorite.

Eliminating legumes. (I eat very few already.)

Eliminating citrus. I feel like citrus is important in a diet, but some people could be sensitive.

I hope to see a benefit when I'm able to add fermented foods with live cultures, and especially bone broth from pastured bones. The Wahl's diet says to eat bone broth daily, so this is important. I begin eating fermented vegetables next week.

Edit: I need to double check ingredients of my supplements.


I was surprised to discover how much trouble eggs give me. I've never had a reaction to eggs. But when I gave them up after already being on Wahls diet, I felt a whole level better.

It's really hard to figure out!
I would go just vegetarian with fish, but 100% organic. No other meat. And only spring water, no tap water, not even for cooking.

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