CIRS and ME CFS and a Path to Healing

So, here are some further thoughts from people on chronic inflammatory response syndrome and ME/CFS. I shared before that some people think these are the same condition. Recently in one of my FB mold groups a person asked this question, if they are the same disease. And here is another perspective that I wish to share. Some people believe that CIRS causes ME/CFS but they are not the same condition because people with CIRS do not have viruses like EBV, HHV6, Parvovirus, etc., commonly found in ME/CFS. Some people also believe that viruses also are a cause of ME/CFS; in other words, ME/CFS can be caused be either CIRS or a virus. These are theories that I am sharing. Nothing has been proven, yet.

What I believe is that both CIRS and viruses come together to create ME/CFS. The really great news is that CIRS responds well to treatment. From Shoemaker's website:

The opportunity for patients is that despite the multi-system, multi-symptom nature of CIRS, it is eminently treatable if managed by a clinician skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of CIRS. Hope is available. Cures are possible.

What this means to me is that everyone with ME/CFS will feel significant improvement by treating CIRS. This is my opinion but it TRUE for me. Why? Because it is what is working for me. Because I have spoken with other people whom it has worked for. Because Dr. Rey says her patients are responding to this treatment significantly more than when she treated with antivirals. Because the exercise physiologist at Nova who works across all of the MDs and PAs who are treating ME/CFS patients says Dr. Rey's patients are getting better than the other patients.

I also stress the importance of a spiritual component such as meditation and deep breathing and a positive attitude. More on that topic another day.

I have attached Shoemaker's diagram of the bio toxin pathway that leads to CIRS. This is in the public domain and thusly can be shared with attribution. What he refers to in the diagram as HLA is a gene that he believes is associated with the inability to clear the toxins from one's body.


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