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Chronic Infection: Herbs

And to close off this series that i might as well of named Stephen Buhner's brief overview :lol: we will talk about a BRIEF amount of herbs possible to assist with viral and bacterial infections and cytokines.

I decided to do a brief overview because i have multiple bedridden friends that cannot read much and want digestible chunks from the book. It took me a long time to be able to read again. So, i know what thats like. Yet, there are some huge gold nuggets hidden in this book for the ENTIRE ME/CFS community.

I am including pages of book I just decided…. No way am I writing this all out 😅 I have too many very unwell friends that can’t access this entire book right now and here’s an overview of ONE of protocols (he has several). I strongly recommend you read his entire book if interested. And as he says 50 times in book, go low, go slow, listen to your body… this is a conversation not a monologue. It’s an opportunity to listen within and see what is calling to your body. Or if you want to rub one over your thyroid or on bottom of foot of take instead of internal usage or if you only need one drop and not to work up to a teaspoon. You are in charge here. You are the boss. It’s your body, listen to it. Stop when it says stop, go when it says go, carefully.

Also, as he says there are MANY useful herbs, these are just ones they’ve noted successful with over 10 years of documenting and/or helping nearly 25,000 cases. It is certainly not the only list of useful herbs for Lyme infections and co-infections.

Ps. I cannot figure out how to flip sideways pictures on my phone, so if you are wanting to explore these pages, good luck! Haha. Also, there are approximately 12 more pages in this section alone I decided to not include here.

May prevailing health be abundant ☀️

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