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Chronic Infection: Cytokines

I would like to share a passage in Buhner's book on cytokines today...what they are and how they work.

"Cytokines are small cell signaling molecules released by cells that are damaged, cells of the immune system and the glial cells of the nervous system that are important in intercellular communications in the body. As it turns out, many disease organisms have learned to use these for their own purposes.

In practical terms: when a bacteria touches a cell, the cell gives off a signal, a cytokine, that tells the immune system what is happening and what the cell needs. This calls on the immune system to respond (initially, the innate immune system) which then sends specific immune cells to that location to deal with the problem. Stealth pathogens subvert this process, enabling their successful infection of the body. As well many stealth pathogens release, all on their own, many different types of cytokines, simply to jump start the process.

As the microorganism enters the body, an initial, and very powerful cytokine is often released into the body (for example tumor necrosis factor, aka TNF). That initial cytokine stimulates the production of others, and those generate still others-all of which have potent impacts on the body. Thus a cascade of cytokines occur. This cascade (and any subsequent immune response) is carefully modulated by the pathogen to produce the desired effects it needs to facilitate its spread in the body, its sequestration inside our bodies cells (thus hiding it from the immune system), to break apart particular cells in order to get nutrients, and to shut down the parts of our immune response that can effectively deal with the infection. It is this cascade of carefully modulated cytokines that, in fact, creates most of the symptoms people experience when they become ill.

....Although the news has not yet reached most medical doctors, many researchers are insisting that the most important thing is not the microbial source of infection but rather the cytokine cascade that is generated. This is especially true during coinfections with multiple stealth pathogens. One of the better articles on this is Andrea Graham et. al.,.....They comment that 'when the taxonomic identities of parasites are replaced with their cytokine signatures, for example, it becomes possible to predict the within host consequences of coinfection for microparasite replication,' as well as symptom picture, treatment approaches and treatment outcomes.

(This, by the way is the approach i use when exploring how best to treat the complex of lyme group coinfections. After more than a decade of experience, it turns out that interrupting the cytokine cascade these organisms initiate does in fact reduce or even eliminate both symptoms and infection.)"

The book again: https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/heali...QaAkndEALw_wcB#idiq=18569378&edition=13145871

So many here are dealing with chronic infections and don’t even know it due to the way our current medical system is set up. I hope this helps somebody out there.


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