Chronic Illness friendly Cooking Show

hi everyone,

i wrote in a separate post about my experience this past year taking valcyte + famvir.
today is the 1 month anniversary of my stopping them, and my functioning has been dropping consistently since getting off the drugs.

i used the available energy i had in the best month of the treatment to launch an online cooking show + blog where i talk about my experience being ill, show you how to make chronic illness friendly meals, and give tips for working in the kitchen when energy is limited and you want to nourish your body with good, healthy food.

It's called: In The Kitchen, Keepin' It Real and you can watch the cooking with chronic illness episode here:

and read the blog post where i come out to the world about my ME/CFS here:

i filmed 13 total episodes over the course of 4 different days (needed to give myself resting time in between of course)---this is one of them. if my current state improves enough for me to continue, there will be more episodes like this one specifically geared towards this end. i'm using all of my own tricks right now for myself, and i want to make sure to share them!

thanks for checking it out and i hope people are as well as possible xo


I love you!! "Normal" people don't understand how just standing or stirring or lifting pots can be exhaustive. But you know exactly what we live with. How some days we have to cook the simplest things as fast as we can so we can lie back down. I felt so connected to you--thank you.
hi sheryl!
thank you so much for the kind words. yes, i do know what we live with. very intimately. and my hope with the show is to share hope (i'm SO much better than i was, though this is changing), share humor (so that people who are home and can't get out feel entertained), share my nutritious food (since food is one of the things that helps me maintain higher functioning), and of course validate people and share my own story to help them know they're not alone. all of this would have helped me so much. feel free to share this with any and all people you know who could benefit---what i'm finding is that there are people with all kinds of chronic illnesses who are finding it helpful. so that's great!
if you want to stay in the loop, you can subscribe to either the show or blog, or like my facebook page, or i'll try to keep up with posting here.
hope you're as well as possible,
ariyele xo.

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