Choose what pain to live with today

I know is not funny and don't mean to offend anybody but who wakes up with so many symptoms you have to choose what to tackle so you don't destroy the poor organs you have left working properly?!?!!?

YOU got a winner! Today my cold / whatever virus/ Allergy, whatever combination kicking my butt and that has aggravated my CFS. I lost my voice. So do I take more mucinex to stop coughing? Is the coughing coming from Acid reflux like before. Hmmmm not if I have runny nose and coughing some stuff. I have the worse Spine/ Neck/ Glands pain. Muscle pain in the joints. I had to decide which one to tackle So I don't over do on pills. I decided to take something for the spine inflamation/nodes in the neck/ whatever is killing me. Took some iboprufen, Didn't work so up the iboprifen, didn't work, so I went for the prescription muscle relaxer, And hurting as much as I started this morning.

Dilemma, Is this flueihsness part of CFS, do I really caught something new?? Do I go to the Doctor just to be told they don't know what to do with me?

It's been a week trying to shake this off, If I am not ok by Monday will see Dr. Sometimes I think I deserve a medal just for keep going !!!! Will this will ever have an end?


I've had severe tonsilitis on one side for about 6 weeks ad the lymph node attached to the tonsil is about 3 x it's normal sizeand the infection on the tonsils wil not respond to nothing. Been through 14 days of clindamycin and now taking 7 days of Keflex and if that doesn't fix them they ae coming out. I need to see who may want a lymph node to study along with a pair of tosils.
Hi Inester, Sorry you're feeling bad. Today is my day for treating white knuckle pain. Most days I deal with it but today the knee and leg pain snuck up on me in bed and has become dripping water torture ever since. Vicodin, klonopin isn't doing enough and takes so long. I feel like going outside and screaming for a good 5 minutes but the neighbors would be upset and send an ambulance along with a straight jacket. Where does this pain come from besides hell and how can I send it back?
Are you taking any new medication/supplement? When I would do too much of the equillibrant for example, My pain was very high on the knees. Also, don't ask me why, alkalized drops in the water lowers my muscle pain A LOT. I have been good in the last 2 days. Hope you feel better soon!!!

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