Chocolate & CFS

Someone posted this on Facebook today.

This was my thought:

interesting article...yet cocoa contains l-arginine, which in higher doses can cause problems with some CFS sufferers due to (latent) Herpes Virus. At the same time, L-arginine is that "heart friendly" amino acid. But, if you have Herpes ...simplex (1) or Herpes 2...L-arginine can potentially exacerbate outbreaks. So, I guess it would be important to take that into account. Whenever I get a cold sore (H1), the fatigue is +++ exacerbated...and I take L-Lysine which calms the Herpes virus. It's "food for thought though"....


Old news...the chocolate report, and we've all continued to be sick. I eat chocolate everyday and honestly, I am no better. In fact, I may be worse from it and it's high content of sugar. I eat dark chocolate. I think it's interesting how chocolate has been touted to be a possible help for CFS. Now, salt....having some celtic salt in water....yes, but chocolate? No one ever gets better from it.

And yes, arginine makes me sicker and my herpes to become activated. Chocolate tastes good though!'s an idea for a cure...sorry, I need to apply some humor to this:

lobster, champaign, many trips to the Bahamas, Ferrero Rocher chocolates ;), lots of parties, lots of rides on motorcycles...... ;)
I love Nico's suggestion for a cure - and L'engle's response made me laugh. Thanks, you two.

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