Changing my sleep times - possible factors

The past week I replaced my daily long black coffee with decaf long black.

I've been doing increasingly better with doing 5-10 mins yoga in the morning and the eve.

I've been doing a little more meditation.

I've been trying to get my body clock to change - to wake up earlier. This was in preparation for an unmovable appointment at 10am far away.

On the day I managed to wake up at 8am - 8.10 with a snooze. It wasn't too difficult.
When I got home I slept for 90 mins.
The rest of the day I had a mild headache that got worse in the evening - light sensitivity too - could have been a mild migraine. I had been very stressed that day.

That was yesterday. Today I woke up naturally at 10.30am, having fallen asleep much more quickly than usual at around 12.15.
This is really really good. I haven't woken up naturally and needed to go back to sleep this early for a long time. My normal sleep has been 3am-12/1pm.

It's been a few weeks since I gave up work. So that's probably helping with the big picture. Less daily stress.
However, this past week has been very stressful with unusually intense pain, and family drama. I'm not sure if that could possibly have helped this sleep time change?!

I really hope this shift keeps up - I'd like to be waking up at 10am, rather than 1pm. And if I have to wake up earlier, I'd like that to not be such a big deal.

At the appointment yesterday they said our bodies need as much sleep as they always did - I always needed about 9-10 hours to feel at the top of my game, but I could scrape by with 7 for a few days if necessary. I may be sleeping a little more than that at the moment. They said if we're sleeping excess sleep, it's best to incrementally replace it with rest.

I feel hopeful that I can do this. My body waking up at this time makes me feel hopeful that it is responding to the changes I'm making for it... I'm going to keep taking it slowly, and keep making changes to my life that could help, slowly slowly.

I miss the taste of proper coffee. But getting my sleep back on track is worth this.


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