Ok so I was doing great, I went on vacation, saw CFS Doc and increased my LDN to 4.5mg. I was doing great, One day back and I had to travel back and had to push myself beyond any limits known to man.

My father had an emergency and ended up in ICU, I don't know how I got strength and how my brain fog miraculously cleared so I could help my mom get back. About day 4 or so of not sleeping, eating very little and being in hospital all day, I starting crashing. I know I had to rest but since there was a family emergency not much of an option, not counting the stress and the people dying left and right around you that you learned to care for in the ICU unit.

So I crashed on and off and had to take some afternoons and just sleep it off. Then as I had to travel in emergency I run out of all meds and was off for a few days. I never had such bad brain fog as I was coming back. I was asked the first question passing by immigration and
- " Where do you come from" - I look the officer ahhhhhhh --Brainfog fart- ahh
-"Maaaaaaam why do you have to think about such a simple question- Lets just say that there is nothing like imagining yoruself in cavity search room to get the brain fog cleared then I was like
-Look dude my father is dying in a hospital, I haven't sleep I cannot even remember since when, I have not eaten I cannot remember since when so yeah sorry but I am standing by a miracle so yeah sorry if I cannot answer your VERY simple to you questions. And while you are at it no I don't even know what day is today.
- He saw my sorry state and left me pass.

So since then I am like in the beginning of CFS ALL OVER AGAIN, is so bizzare and I don't know how to stop it. I couldn't deal with another relapse but I had my very telling symptoms:

1) I get a very distinct dizziness. I can't even explain but is something like if my brain is in a blender and I have earthquakes in the head. Is the best I can explain. Every time I had relapsed that is the one thing I remember.

I am trying over resting and see if I can avoid since I was in such a good place.
Today my lymph pain is intolerable in the back of the neck.
Who to ask, where to go for advice, Flying solo and blind


I just saw this.........UGH! I'm so sorry all around. Is Dr. Rey helpful at all when this happens? Does she have any tricks up her sleeve?
I hope you've rested all weekend and have some improvement?
I am better, but I am still feeling that bizzare sings of CFS relapse. I am going the extra mile to rest and so far so good. I got some antibiotics and the lymph pain and body pain are under control. My kid got sick w a fever a day after so it could be the way my body is/was fighting something.

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