CFS recovery log 9/10/15 - 8/11/15

There seems to be a pattern with these recovery logs. Every time I get close to the end of the 30 days, I come down with a cold. This is unfortunate, as it colors what I write here. Believe me, I really wanted to say something else this time, but as per usual, life got in the way.

I started taking the probiotic mutaflor twelve days ago. I saw a pretty dramatic improvement in energy when I started taking it and more importantly, this energy improvement was sustained over the next week. Unfortunately I came down with both a cold (hopefully caused by a herx reaction triggered by the change in my gut flora) and diaherra a week or so after I started taking the mutaflor, which knocked me back pretty badly.

Regardless, the improvement in energy from taking mutaflor is unlike anything else I've tried while dealing with this. On a good day it feels like I can think for the first time in my life, which is both fantastic and scary, but again, I constantly get sent back to square one.

Hopefully my next update will be more encouraging.

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I started taking mutaflor on day 18 (notice the increase) and came down with a cold on day 256(after having to do 2 oral presentations the day before)


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