CFS and Equilibrant

I have been on equilibrant for close to 2 months now and feel worse than I did before I started. I started slowly per doctor recommendation (1/2 tablet for 2 weeks, increasing by another 1/2 tablet every two weeks to reach goal of 1 tablet twice a day). I'm not to take more than 2 tablets daily because I have hashimoto's. I feel more fatigued than ever on equilibrant. I remember the doctor saying I will feel worse before I feel better. I'm unable to do much at all. How long does it take to start feeling well on equilibrant? I'm assuming my feeling worse is due to the herbs shifting my immune system. But it could also mean that it's not agreeing with me. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on this?? This has rendered me unable to keep my part time job which translates to no income at the moment. This is a tough journey for me and my doctor is on vacation for 2 weeks. My next appt with him is mid January. I truly appreciate any feedback you can share. Blessings,


I don't take it but I know people who get really sick from it and just can't take it. It might be one of the other ingredients in it like the OLE. But it is powerful.
Are you with Dr Chia? He pioneered this treatment.

As I understand it Dr Chia does NOT recommend this to anyone with an auto immune disease so obviously having Hashi's could be causing you to react badly to equilibrant and it may not be the thing for you. Dr Chia says he expects people to notice improvement within 3 months or it is probably not going to work.

There are some good videos where he talks about his treatment here:

Also some interview blogs on this site if you search Dr Chia if you want more info.

Hope this helps, best wishes.

I have had great results from Equilibrant, but I needed to give it time between each dose increase to level out and recover. I generally feel like absolute crap for about two weeks when I increase the dose, and then begin to feel better. I have found there tends to be a steady increase in my capabilities after that turning point, sometimes over a number of months. Once that levels off, I decide whether or not I want to increase the dose again. I would say if you're still feeling like crap when you increase the dose, it might be too soon for that. Try giving your body time to adjust. When I started, I began with only a quarter of a pill, and increased by another quarter of a pill each time, and that was still plenty to make me feel lousy and plenty to make me feel much better later.

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